I recently began representing Vonvo which is a start up company by owners Max Ringelheim & Alex Chaplin. Vonvo is a video conversation platform for trending news stories. Users are connected via their webcams and have the ability to either broadcast their opinions or watch in real-time. Conversations can have up to four speakers and an unlimited number of viewers. Think chat rooms 2.0. As video convos begin to take place, Vonvo will become a new social alternative to traditional news mediums. Rather than having only 140 characters to share your thoughts, come to Vonvo and let your tweets come to life. After completion all conversations are uploaded to Vonvo’s YouTube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/vonvodotcom to be seen by the public.

In it’s current Beta version Vonvo users can only log in via Facebook however the new updated version will also have the ability to log in via Twitter. In the meantime Vonvo is now streaming it’s conversations Live on Twitter via Luna Live Media http://www.ustream.tv/channel/luna-live-media-network.

I have taken part in quite a few Vonvo conversations and I’d have to say I’ve enjoyed them thoroughly! You can follow Vonvo on Twitter @Vonvovideo or friend them on FaceBook at https://www.facebook.com/Vonvodotcom! We are always looking for speakers for a variety of topics but please feel free to make any and all suggestions! You can reach out directly to me with any questions or suggestions at Ken@Vonvo.com!



Help A Veteran Fight PTSD

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Quick facts about Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
What many veterans
already know and you should.

One in six soldiers returning from Iraq or Afghanistan suffer from PTSD.

Untreated, PTSD does not get better in time. It often gets worse.
PTSD can be triggered in a moment by a memory, an image, a sound, or even smell.
Only half of those who seek help receive even “minimally adequate” treatment.
18 veterans commit suicide each day. 126 each week. 6,552 each year.
PTSD can often lead to alcohol and drug abuse, and domestic violence.
Soldiers with PTSD are more likely to be divorced, be a single parent or become homeless.

200,000 veterans go homeless each night. 45% suffer from PTSD or mental illness.
Many women suffer from PTSD, but fewer receive help because they weren’t in “direct combat”.
Female service members also experience PTSD from sexual trauma while in service.
Many soldiers with PTSD don’t seek help because they fear it may hurt their careers.

1 in 5 US combat veterans suffered or are suffering from PTSD

Consider donating to the PTSD Foundation of America
The PTSD Foundation of America needs the help of patriotic people like you so that we can continue offering the message of hope to military men and women and their families. Your gift will make all the difference!

Just one $30 donation will provide the tools necessary to help one veteran and their family get the help that we provide.




As we all know by now the assault weapons ban will not be included in the Senate gun control bill. I want to congratulate Obama, Biden, Feinstein and other gun control freaks who have successfully put more guns in public by attempting to circumvent the 2nd Amendment. If you haven’t noticed gun sales are through the roof which is a common response when law abiding citizens sense their rights are about to be violated.
Instead of trying to take guns away or limit the sale of guns to law abiding citizens let’s hurt the people or CRIMINALS that steal guns. Recently over 400 guns were stolen in St Louis and sold in Chicago the CRIMINALS were captured 1 was sentenced to 5 years in prison the other 7 years. Here’s a thought what if those to men were each given a 25 year mandatory sentence? Wouldn’t that send a message to the streets? It won’t solve everything but it will help more then making it harder for the law abiding citizen to purchase a gun.
How about education? Rahm Emanuel just announced that 52 schools in Chicago mostly in poor neighborhoods will be closed. Sure Rahm you’ll advocate for strict gun laws for all law abiding citizens however you’ll close 52 schools potentially putting more kids at risk to be the victims of gun violence by CRIMINALS. But in reality here’s what will happen. One of those kids will be walking a further distance to school get shot then everyone will blame the gun and not the CRIMINAL or Rahm Emanuel for putting those kids at risk.




Once again the State Department is at it again now with Saeed Abeini. I guess the State Dept hasn’t learned anything since Lance Corporal Jon Hammar was imprisoned in Mexico. Now we Secretary of State John Kerry dropping the ball this time with Saeed Abeini.
John Kerry after 8 months of scrutiny released a statement at 6:00PM Friday that he was “Deeply Concerned” about Abeini’s fate. Wow, John I’m sure Iran is shaking in their boots to release him now! But anyway going back to John Kerry’s statement released at 6PM on Friday conveniently at the end of the work week. If John Kerry was so concerned about Saeed Abeini why was NO ONE present from the State Department at a Congressional hearing about Abeini last Friday?
The answer is simple in my opinion “They just don’t care”. The State Department did nothing for Marine Jon Hammar during his imprisonment in Mexico even after his release no one reached out to the Hammar family. We still have 4 dead Americans in Benghazi and almost 200 days later we have no answers. Then there’s Sargent Bowe Bergdahl who’s been in Taliban captivity for 3 1/2 years.
One can only hope that this Christian Pastor will someday get reunited with his family.


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Join me on Vonvo.com for a discussion on Benghazi at 10AM CST on Saturday 3/16/13! The idea behind Vonvo was to allow for a discussion beyond 140 characters! 4 people normally the host and 3 panelists will link up via a webcam and discuss and/or debate a topic in a respectful manner. Others can follow the conversation live in the chat room and ask questions of the panelists. Depending on demand the creators may add more slots for discussions on topics. The discussion is recorded and posted to Vonvo on YouTube. This is not my website I’m only a big supporter of it’s forum! Hope to see you all on 3/16/13 at 10AM CST!









#CTOT *Conservative Talkers On Twitter* DEMAND NO John Brennan confirmation until we get Benghazi answers! You caved on Kerry and Hagel we will never find out what happened in Benghazi if you continue to allow Obama and his cronies the ability to dodge the Benghazi ball! No confirmation for this man without CONCRETE answers!